Steeping, what is it?

No eJuice Before its Time

What is Steeping?  What’s the big deal?

You don’t have to be new to vaping to be new to the steeping process. As you know, some things just get better with age. When was the last time you bought fresh wine or Scotch? It just isn’t sold that way. We don’t sell fresh eJuice for the same reason: it’s not ready for the customer when it’s fresh. You’ve probably steeped a teabag in hot water and noticed that it takes a minute or two for the full flavors to develop. Due to its thickness, eJuice takes a lot longer to steep than tea, but why is steeping eJuice so important?

Think about it this way, like tea, eJuice will release different flavors the longer it steeps. To achieve an optimal well-rounded flavor, eJuice must steep or mature before it is vaped. Most eJuice is made of four ingredients: Propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, and flavoring. PG bonds with the other ingredients quite quickly. However during an extended steeping process, the flavoring will bond with the VG bringing out a richer, fuller flavor. The steeping process may change the flavor and the color of the eJuice altogether as several flavorings bond with one another and with the other ingredients. We at Strix Elixirs™ are avid vapers and we only want to sell products that we would buy for ourselves. We feel the steeping process is key to creating premium quality eJuice.


Developing new flavors is a lengthy process for us because we truly let our beta flavors “develop” before we test them. We create a recipe and make the eJuice, let it steep for a while, test it, let it steep some more, adjust the recipe, and repeat until the flavor is perfect. This process can take a long time but we are quite proud of our eJuice. All of our eJuice is custom-steeped for the optimal amount of time according to its own proprietary recipe. Some of our flavors steep for an entire month. We do not accelerate the steeping time via heat, chemicals, or agitation; we simply let it age and breathe.

Having worked in the eJuice industry since 2010, we have spoken to thousands of vapers. We understand that waiting for eJuice can be frustrating. When you get your eJuice, you want to vape it immediately. We have found that most people who are new to vaping are not familiar with the steeping process and have no idea how awesome eJuice can taste. We will never sell eJuice before it has steeped to perfection. We firmly believe that once you try our blends, you will never settle for anything less.

Keep on vapin’ –

Strix Elixirs