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Black Honey Cream eJuice by Strix Elixirs

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Along the same lines as Blue Honey, Black Honey expands on the concept. Adding a touch of cream solidifies this blend as scrumptious.



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60 reviews for Black Honey Cream eJuice by Strix Elixirs

  1. This is one fantastic juice. First off, I ordered 12mg, single coil, drip cotton wick. I usually stay away from berry flavors, because unfortunately they always taste like children’s vitamins. I am very happy to say this does not. It tastes very true to the flavor image of blackberry ice cream. It has the acidity of a blackberry, which is really what makes it so true to flavor, backed up with a very soft cream. The exhale is wonderful. I think my favorite part about this is that although it is a dessert flavor, it isn’t a dessert juice – it has a very mellow and mild sweetness.

    I ordered this juice to try out this company after reading about them on /r/electronic_cigarette, and to take advantage of their free shipping promotion. When I didn’t recieve a tracking number, I emailed them, and within 30 minutes I had three(!) replies containing the requested info. So A+ for customer service.

    To end my spiel, this is a *fantastic* juice from a great company.

    All in all, it leaves a good taste in my mouth.


  2. My review on Black Honey Cream.
    50/50 6mg.
    I am testing it on a Zmax and Protank with a 2.4 coil.
    I find the best settings for me on this juice to be 4.1V/8W.
    I also find this juice is best on Volts rather than Watts.
    It has a yummy rich real blackberry note at first, then it blends together quite well with the honey that gives it a smooth, slightly sweet taste.
    The exhale has the cream finish that blends it all together ever so softly and gives you that rich and satisfying vape.
    The flavors linger on the taste buds for a while πŸ™‚
    I find myself drawn back to puffing it often! This is a definite reorder! You won’t be sorry!

  3. Another perfect flavor! I tend to prefer creamy flavors more so than fruity so when I found this combo I thought I’d died & gone to vaping heaven! Love the tart & sweet blend Black Honey Cream offers. Simply Divine!

  4. I found out about strix elixirs from the zamplebox vape lounge on facebook. I am glad I did. This flavor is easily an all day vape. Will be reordering again soon

  5. All the flavor without the calories. This is my new favorite!

  6. my brother got me the 50/50 6mg for christmas & it has to be one of my absolute favorites. you can really taste the blackberry but it is mellowed down with the creaminess. i usually vape when driving or out with friends, but this flavor has me doing it while watching tv & sitting around the house. will absolutely be ordering more the second my bottle looks low. couldn’t suggest this flavor more.

  7. Strix has another perfect juice here. You cant go wrong here guys if you like blackberries this has the most realistic blackberrie taste ever i can even feel the blackberrie seeds on my tounge its psychological but its very convincing. Add a touch of honey then the cream and its perfect.

  8. This is sooooo good, blackberry and honey and creamy….This has now become my ADV ..this all coming from me someone who only vaped sweet tea with a little mint added in….i would try other flavors and vape occasionally on them or my girfriend uses them. .I am now ONLY vaping this. Will be trying more Strix flavors thank you Strix Elixers

  9. I had a lot to say about Black Honey Cream but all of the reviews pretty much sums this ejuice up. I like fruit flavored ejuice but only when I have a sweet craving. I originally came to Strix Elixers to purchase the Bogart because I’m a tobacco fan (btw, it’s one of THE best tobacco ejuice.) So instead of the usual I decided to also include Black Honey Cream. One reviewer mentioned she stays away from berry flavors, well, I do too because it’s too tart for an all day vape for me. SURPRISE! Stirx Elixers really know how to carefully balance the flavors and the mouth feel to make Black Honey Cream a truly enjoyable vape. I get berry with a tease of tartness only to be quelled creamy honey goodness. Minus the cone from the ice cream you’re getting exactly what you see as the product photo. Don’t hesitate on Black Honey Cream … go on, add it to your basket πŸ™‚

  10. I enjoyed this, it is fairly sweet, but not so much that it covers over some of the more complex notes. Definitely worth trying.

  11. This is the one, my ADV. Great to taste the blend of flavors, will not be without this one.

  12. ..Is just what this tastes like to me. Very sweet blackberry with cream. More of a candy blackberry than the actual fruit to my tastes. Quite nice! This, like the other Strix flavors I got today, is very full flavored with no chemical/alcohol/perfume wonkiness. Have only tried in an evod so far, imagine it will be better moved up to a protank or drip. 8-9 watts, VTR.

  13. Just got my Black Honey Cream today, 6 mg, AWSOME is all I can say, Great flavor, awsome black cherry after taste smooth, Great Vapor

  14. I love dessert vapes so was excited to taste this flavour. I had pretty high expectations and they were definitely surpassed. A great blueberry flavour on the intake followed by an extremely creamy finish on the exhale. It reminds me a a gourmet blueberry swirl ice cream. A great after dinner dessert vape. Not too sweet.. Just right. Plenty of big clouds and good throat hit at 12 mg. quick delivery to Australia. Great work Strix. I will definitely be back for more.

  15. This flavor is great if you have a sweet tooth! It truly does have a honey taste and is a nice, easy vape. This is definitely one I will reorder for when my sweet tooth acts up again.



  17. Finally someone has enveloped the true berry flavor. No cough drop flavor here. If you have read my reviews before I drip my juices, this one has great berry flavor with creamy undertones. Vapor production is awesome!

  18. First it is a joy to just inhale the aroma of this juice, there is an acidic blackberry note with a sweet cream odor low note. Secondly the taste is out standing. I tested this juice on a single coil with a cotton wick on a Tugboat with a Shotgun mod.

    On the inhale there was a definite blackberry taste acidic yet sweet like a fresh blackberry on the high note there was a low note of sweet honey to balance the blackberry. On the exhale there was a sweet cream taste high note that made the whole experience like eating a sweet blackberry cobbler. Vapor production was outstanding as I have come to expect from Strix, thick,dense and flavorful clouds. This will be a go to for me for a long while

  19. I get a tart blackberry on inhale but not to tart,very pleasant. And a cream on the exhale, very smooth and yummy. I don’t get much honey but this is a very good vape. Not big on berry tapes cause they can have an artificial flavor and this doesn’t. Taste just like blackberry.

  20. I’m not a big fan of fruit flavors, especially not sweet fruit. This flavor is perfect for me. It’s a bit tangy and tart raspberry with just a hint of sweet. I can vape this all day (and have). It has great throat hit and the vapor production is really good.

  21. Excellent! Like the Banana Slam, I’m vaping with an iClear 30s. I had to turn up the volts a bit more than normal but it unleashed the flavor and earned a spot in my favorite’s list.

  22. I was hesitant to order this, as im normally a mint/menthol vaper. This is all i could smell when i opened my package. Excellent blend of flavors. The blackberry and honey combo is light on the tongue. The cream finish upon exhale just puts the icing on the proverbial cake. 9pm in NY and this vapes great with a strong cup of coffee.

  23. I wanted to true blue honey, I mostly like bakery type juice. I chose this Black honey cream because it is supposed to be like blue honey but with cream. I am not too big on fruit juice but the combination of honey and cream got me interested. I am going to order a large bottle sometime for sure but have too many flavors I have to finish first. This is going to be my ADV for a few days until it’s gone. I order the 12mg and has perfect throat hit and taste between 3.3 and 4.1 on a Vision Spinner and Aspire Vivi nova. Love this juice, my wife tried it and she wants me to get a big bottle of this one. Glad I found Strix and pre-steeped is perfect. Thanks Strix. Also quick shipping, nice thank you note and discount for next order. This place is great.

  24. Strix really knows how to use their honey. I first tried Blue Honey which is awesome btw, and then this. A creamy black berry with the sweetness of honey. Definitely worth a try.

  25. Received this juice in on 4/18/14. Right away I put in my Kanger PT Mini w/ 1.8 coil. The flavor of the cream is sooo smooth. The honey and cream is perfect ratio. By far this is one of the best honey/cream ejuices I’ve vaped. It can be an ADV with no problem. I’m already 5mL in. So delicious. Will definitely order again, this time it will be a 30mL in a multipack. Thanks Strix.

  26. So far this is one of my favorites from Strix. Perfect black honey taste that isnt too overpowering. Mixed with definitely an ice cream. But they blend together to create Bliss on your little tounge! Dont skip on this one!

  27. This taste just like blackberry ice cream!!! Awakens the taste buds!

  28. Not only does this taste amazing, the smell is pleasing as well. This is one flavor that will get you craving it all the time.

  29. I found out about Strix Elixirs through Zamplebox and this was my first order. I have to say that I am very satisfied! The flavor of this juice is just amazing. Like another reviewer stated, it has a very mellow and mild sweetness with a great exhale! Will definitely reorder.

  30. It’s loaded with so much flavor it’s a WOW flavor. I had a friend over at my house and she was trying out my juice, out of the so called higher end other brands that cost way too much money that I have too, and she LOVED this one as one of her favorites!!! It’s one of my favorites too!!!

  31. Have tried over half of strix juices, but have stayed away from Black Honey Cream, as the thought of vaping honey didn’t appeal to me, but I do love blackberry’s, so decided to try it on the free 10 mil bottle, I should of known strix would do this just right, the blackberry and honey flavors are just right, neither is overpowering, and the honey gives the juice a nice sweetness, I like sweet juices, but some could find it to sweet. The cream just finishes this juice off for a creamy sweetness goodness.

  32. Every taste is a little different for me, mostly fruity goodness with a light cream undertone. Definitely not to sweet, just right with a good but smooth throat hit!

  33. This is berry good!!! It’s much more flavorful than the Blue Honey, I like the Blue Honey, but I love this juice. It’s full of flavor. This could be an all day vape, I’m giving it 5 stars because it’s not missing anything. The description it prefect.

  34. I cannot give this black honey cream eJuice enough praise. It is absolutely amazing! I ordered 10 different flavors in my first order with Strix. While I was impressed with every single flavor and with Strix as a whole, this was the best flavor of the bunch!! Honestly, THE best eJuice I have EVER tried, and my current ADV. I will definitely be ordering a larger bottle of this when I place my next order!! If you aren’t sure which eJuice to try from Strix, and can only get one flavor, this should be the one you order. You will not be disappointed!!

  35. Maybe it’s the cream, maybe I just prefer blackberries, but I liked Blue Honey BUT love this juice! It is sweet enough to satisfy my fruit desire, creamy enough to counter-balance the throat hit, and just plain smooth. This is an ADV for me!!

  36. I didn’t know what to expect from Black Honey Cream, but OMG it is soo refreshing and umm umm good.

  37. I tried this flavor from VD and wasn’t all that impressed so I was hesitant to try it, the ‘cream’ is what made me pull the trigger, and after talking with strix and seeing if it was anything like VD’s. When I got it I fell in love right away, immediately became my new ADV. the description is spot on and can taste the cream but it’s not overly creamy. It’s spot on IMO.

  38. Out Of This World!! Strix has definitely nailed creamy vapes. Put some blackberry with it & you’ve got a perfect juice from Strix. Absolutely delicious and easily an anytime vape.

  39. Hands down the best juice I’ve vapeed to date will definitely be getting more soon

  40. Just like blue honey, but more of a dessert flavor in my opinion. Each good in their own right, I enjoy this one with my cocktails

  41. This flavor is wonderful! Sweet but not too sweet. Well balanced cream and fruit mix for those who like black cherry/blackberries and desserty flavors. Top 5 from strix

  42. Easily one of the best juices I have ever tried. Just like the picture, it tastes almost exactly like blackberry ice cream. A delicious vape that is without a doubt my new ADV.

  43. I’ve had the pleasure of trying most of Strix’s lineup, and overall it has been some of the most high quality tasting juice I’ve come across. I’ve loved it all. Black Honey Cream however, is hands down the best e-liquid that I’ve ever tasted! The blackberry flavor that you experience first off isn’t a true blackberry flavor, but it isn’t a candy flavor either. It reminds me of a delicious blackberry syrup that you might find in an italian soda. The honey doesn’t stand out as it’s own flavor, but it lends just the right amount of sweetness to the blackberry and really rounds the flavor out. Then, as if your taste buds weren’t overjoyed already, comes the luscious creamy exhale that just brings it home. I don’t know how they do it, but Strix has cream down like nobody’s business. This has been my ADV since I discovered it a few months ago. If you’re here trying Strix for the first time, do yourself a favor and pick up a 30ml bottle of Black Honey Cream. You won’t regret it!

  44. Such a rich and wonderful vape. The silky cream with the sweet honey, and the fruity blackberries. Can see myself going through 100ml+ a week.. This stuff is dangerous.

  45. I like this flavor because the inhales and exhales are different for me every time. I went through a 10ml bottle in about 2 days (which is a lot for me)and will surely be reordering more of this flavor. (This is my 2nd favorite, 1st is Espresso Dream)

  46. I started vaping a couple months ago and went kind of crazy. I bought ejuice from many different brands and ended up with over 125 bottles. I went through the mormal progression – cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks and then started dripping. I loved it! I found the best way to test all of these juices. I started through them one at a time until I tried Black Honey Cream. It beat everything I had vaped. The rich creamy vapor, great flavor and huge clouds was just the best. The only problem is what will I do with all those other bottles?

  47. Very good flavor. Although, not an all day vape for me. Kind of reminds me of sweet tarts on the exhale, which is good but for me personally I’d get sick of it fast if I were to fill up a big tank with it. 5 Stars still, just in moderation for me!

  48. I could bathe in this! It’s certainly one of my favorites. So flavorful and smells fantastic!

  49. I love Blackberries and you guys have captured the flavor and made it sooooo creamy AWESOME!! Used in a glass tank with a 1.8 coil head.


    I only got a 10 ml bottle and almost out. Will be putting in another order just for this!!!!

  50. I messed up my first order..I have an issue with PG..being new to vaping at the time of my first order I did not realize it. But the flavor was great. Will order again…just not this week need to try the other flavors.

  51. OMG this juice is amazing! I have actually ordered an additional 120m bottle of this flavor because it is that good. Very smooth and oh so tasty. You need this juice in your life! Perfection in a little bottle! YUMMMMMY!

  52. this is a really nice flavour much like the blue honey cream but without the potent sweetness, although it definitely isnt sour just mild, personally i like to drip back and forth with blue and black honey cream, its almost like sweet and sour but magical

  53. I have added this to my everyday vape rotation. Awesome sweet blackberry with a creamy taste to boot. I highly recommend this flavor!

  54. Black Honey Cream gave me the impression of cotton candy. It’s not too sweet, but exceptionally light and fluffy. The cream comes through, but. Is not overly rich, nor does it overpower the blackberries. Definitely a dripping juice, to get the complexities of he flavor. Just a great all around sweets vape.

  55. The only question that I have is, why haven’t I tried this sooner? This is delicious!! If you’ve been thinking about trying it, just do it. Thanks STRIX for the fast service and shipping, Oh and for some amazing juice.

  56. Honey, smooth and an amazing fruit that just softly invades the Vape like an old friend. A must try!

  57. If you’re thinking of trying this juice-do it! You won’t be sorry! It’s a perfect blend of blackberry, honey and cream. Perfectly balanced. One flavor doesn’t over power the other. And the best part? PRE STEEPED! Vapes perfectly right out if the mailbox. For sure an all day vape! I can’t wait to try more of Strix’s flavors!

  58. I typically prefer desert/vanilla/caramel based flavors and I expected this to be too fruity but I was nicely surprised by a creamy vanilla vape with a nicely balanced, sweet blackberry to liven it up. Very nice. Can be a nice adv without being too heavy. Likes to be vaped hot

  59. This is like blue honey’s older better looking brother, Rich blackberry hit with a sweet and creamy after taste


  60. This is a great juice to have on hand. The blackberry flavor is prominent and the honey cream is great undertone on the exhale. The berry flavor is reminiscent of a super tasty hard candy flavor. I dig it!

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